Let’s go!

From January 2nd 2019 we will be open for breakfast and lunch from Monday till Saturday at Joga! For every meal you buy we will automatically donate one, ALWAYS! Because we believe in a new economy. An economy where sharing is caring, an economy where we give more and take less. An economy where it’s not about the money, not about the dumdumdeddededum. An economy where it’s about that one thing money can’t buy: L❤️VE http://www.freeganfoodcafe.com

Working together

🙌Today is a Freegan fantastic day!!

You can now purchase Freegan Food Cafe meals at Joga!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

For every meal purchased, a FREE meal is donated!! ❤️

Every day lunches are made and offered, free of charge, to areas on St. Maarten where people are in need of basic essentials.

🌱 Every day plant-based meals are created from food that FFC gets donated from food stores and restaurants. So with no set meal plans, we offer whatever is available at that moment, we reuse tomorrow what is leftover from today. In that way, we cut down on (food)waste. But always fresh, homemade and delicious.

The FFC is designed to limit waste as much as possible.

Freegan Food Cafes goal is to offer an environment where everyone is welcome everyone can experience that respect for yourself, for each other, the island, your health, the animals and for the environment is tasty, fun and most important: easy.

Joga is located in Cole Bay, in the building behind First Caribbean Bank. M-F 9am-2pm and Sat 9am-12pm

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Already 5 supermarkets are helping us weekly with their food waste. We do take and need donations so we can continue our important work of reducing food waste and helping the people in need, Donations are welcome on: NL15TRIO0197992579 from DJ Jansen. For one euro/dollar you can donate one meal! Click here to donate


Today we’re going to share out shoes for kids thanks to Sanne Lauwers and her friends from Holland. It’s quite an organization. I have a WhatsApp group with the people that we visit weekly. (Pond island, Cay Hill, Cay Bay, Over the bank, Suckergarden, Dutch Quarter.) In the group I asked them to give me names and sizes so we can prepare everything at home and the distribution will be as organized as possible.

In this way I can also always let everyone know when I deliver food. I’ve been doing it like this for four weeks now and it works really well. The group is growing and the people are very happy with this. People who don’t have a smartphone will get the information as well because neighbors literally knock on each others doors to inform one another! http://www.freeganfoodcafe.com we do take and need donations. 🙏🏽 Namasté

The story so far

After 10 weeks of doing the freegan food share we were able to rescue: (amongst others)

48 containers of dates

7 cases of limes

25 cases of tomatoes

3 cases of lemons

27 cases of plantains

8 cases of celery

24 cans of hummus

16 cases of bananas

16 kilos of grapes

8 watermelons

19 cases of mangos

4 cases of broccoli

5 cases of parsley

3 cases of cilantro

36 cans of baba ganoush

9 bags of spring onions

79 pineapples

8 cases of bell peppers

52 bottles of soda

3 cases of leeks

147 kilos of potatoes

6 bags of onions

4 cases of cauliflowers

5 kilos of sweet potatoes

8 cases of squash

21 grapefruits

9 cans of date walnut rolls

Very many bottles of water!

We reached at least:

1000 households

We worked with:

38 volunteers

So far so good. But… in order to be able to continue this important work we still need and take donations: through PayPal via http://www.helpsxm.org or directly to our Dutch HelpSXM account: NL15TRIO0197992579 from DJ Jansen. Sharing is caring, please help us spread the word! Lots of love, xdjx


Tourist participation

Today was an amazing and very special day! This is exactly how I envisioned it when Joost and I started Freegan Food Cafe! Tourists donating some of their time to help in the kitchen and also with distributing the free meals. It was such a blessing for everyone! I couldn’t be more grateful and happy! This shows the ultimate power of sharing is caring! Oh and by the way, don’t hesitate to share this message. Cause sharing is caring! 🙏🏾💋👍🏽😍


HELP! Who wants to donate a case of these biodegradable paper containers?! I use one every 10 days. I bought four already. I could also buy styrofoam containers for less than half the price. But I’m not going there. I say no to waste and no to plastic! Who’s going to help us help? PDG already gave me their best price. Really! Sharing is caring! I’ll be forever grateful! http://www.helpsxm.org

So grateful

Thanks merchants market for donating all this food! We are soooooo happy and excited!!!! Thanks to our local sponsors: Market Garden, Kam’s Foodworld, Karakter beach bar and our latest sponsor Merchants Market. #helpsxm #teamsxm #sxmstrong #foodshare #sharingiscaring #lovesxm #stmaarten #homesweethome #freeganfoodshare #freeganfoodcafe #sustainable #green #veganfoodshare #vegan #veggies #waste #nowaste #noplastic #saynotoplastic #karakterbeach #kamsfood #marketgarden #merchantsmarket

Thumbs up

Thanks to our sponsors who make our food share possible!

Next weeks program! Who’s helping me prep another food share! #helpsxm #teamsxm #sxmstrong #foodshare #sharingiscaring #lovesxm #stmaarten #homesweethome #freeganfoodshare #freeganfoodcafe #sustainable #green #veganfoodshare #vegan #veggies #waste #nowaste #noplastic #saynotoplastic