The story so far

After 10 weeks of doing the freegan food share we were able to rescue: (amongst others)

48 containers of dates

7 cases of limes

25 cases of tomatoes

3 cases of lemons

27 cases of plantains

8 cases of celery

24 cans of hummus

16 cases of bananas

16 kilos of grapes

8 watermelons

19 cases of mangos

4 cases of broccoli

5 cases of parsley

3 cases of cilantro

36 cans of baba ganoush

9 bags of spring onions

79 pineapples

8 cases of bell peppers

52 bottles of soda

3 cases of leeks

147 kilos of potatoes

6 bags of onions

4 cases of cauliflowers

5 kilos of sweet potatoes

8 cases of squash

21 grapefruits

9 cans of date walnut rolls

Very many bottles of water!

We reached at least:

1000 households

We worked with:

38 volunteers

So far so good. But… in order to be able to continue this important work we still need and take donations: through PayPal via or directly to our Dutch HelpSXM account: NL15TRIO0197992579 from DJ Jansen. Sharing is caring, please help us spread the word! Lots of love, xdjx

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