Working together

πŸ™ŒToday is a Freegan fantastic day!!

You can now purchase Freegan Food Cafe meals at Joga!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

For every meal purchased, a FREE meal is donated!! ❀️

Every day lunches are made and offered, free of charge, to areas on St. Maarten where people are in need of basic essentials.

🌱 Every day plant-based meals are created from food that FFC gets donated from food stores and restaurants. So with no set meal plans, we offer whatever is available at that moment, we reuse tomorrow what is leftover from today. In that way, we cut down on (food)waste. But always fresh, homemade and delicious.

The FFC is designed to limit waste as much as possible.

Freegan Food Cafes goal is to offer an environment where everyone is welcome everyone can experience that respect for yourself, for each other, the island, your health, the animals and for the environment is tasty, fun and most important: easy.

Joga is located in Cole Bay, in the building behind First Caribbean Bank. M-F 9am-2pm and Sat 9am-12pm

#foodforacause #freevegan #helpfeedsxm #givingback #vegansxm


#jogasxm #jogakitchen #sxmstrong

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