By eating and drinking at the Freegan Food Café you automatically donate to the Freegan Food Lunches. Everyday 100 lunches will be made and offered to areas on St. Maarten where people are in need of basic essentials.
Everyday there will be a plant-based breakfast and lunch made with veggies the Freegan Food Café (FFC) gets from (super)markets and restaurants on the island, their leftovers will be the base of our meals. Our goal is to reduce food waste and at the same time help people in need with free meals. We say no to plastic.

Our homemade mouthwatering lasagna: cropped-img_62462.jpgWelcome! Is the suspense killing you? Don’t worry, it’s killing us too!

Soon you’ll find more info about Freegan Food Cafe St. Maarten here. In short: we will prepare and share out 100 sustainable, nutritious meals every day from Monday to Friday in July, August and September. We will open our Freegan Food Cafe in December 2018.


We can’t wait to share the love with you all!

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