The concept

The Concept:
In the Freegan Food Café everything is made from, what is considered, waste products:
Vegetables thrown away by (super)markets, furniture thrown away by their owners.

Anyone can come in:
Poor, rich, white, black;
it doesn’t matter what you believe.

Eventually everybody needs to eat, and we rather do that together.
By eating and drinking at the Freegan Food Café you automatically donate to the Freegan Food Lunches. Everyday 100 lunches will be made and offered to areas on St. Maarten where people are in need of basic essentials.
Everyday there will be a plant-based breakfast and lunch made with veggies the Freegan Food Café (FFC) gets from (super)markets and restaurants on the island, their leftovers will be the base of our meals. So no set meal plans, we offer whatever is available at that moment, we reuse tomorrow what is leftover from today. In that way, we cut down on (food)waste.
But always fresh, homemade and delicious.

The FFC is designed to limit waste as much as possible. So the interior will be a marketplace for furniture. Every chair you are sitting on, every table you eat at or plate you eat from is second hand and for you to buy if you want.
Once you get to know the FFC you will probably want to learn how to cook in the same way the chefs do. So there will workshops in plant-based cooking, in how to re-use your waste, lectures about how to cut down on waste. Anything that fits the objective from the FFC:

Our goal is to offer an environment where everyone is welcome
everyone can experience that respect for yourself, for each other,
the island,
your health,
the animals
and for the environment is
and most important:

Who are we?

We are two lovers: we love food, we love animals, we love the world and we love St. Maarten.
We lived on the island of St. Maarten from 2010 to 2012, were teachers for Motiance Dance School and used to teach in all public high schools on the Dutch Side of St. Maarten. Our last production we did on this island was called:
Blown Away
Little did we know that Irma would blow us back.
Being both former musical theater artists, we also developed a love for plantbased food. While running an eco friendly hotel on Saba in 2012/2013, we were searching for the most eco friendly way of living. Soon we found out that living a plant-based lifestyle was the best thing we could do for the planet.
By choosing to eat plant-based foods we drastically cut our carbon footprint, save precious water supplies and help ensure that vital crop resources are fed to people, rather than livestock. With the wealth of available plant-based options available, it has never been easier to eat with the planet in mind.
We went back to Holland in 2013. Joost to study yoga and natural health and DJ to explore the opportunities of becoming a vegan chef. We now own a so called ‘in-house restaurant’ called:
Bij de Jongens op ‘t Zand
Where people can come and join a delicious 3-course plant-based meal every Saturday. Sitting all together at one big table, not only food is shared, also thoughts, ideas, inspiration, laughter and many personal stories.

Why a Freegan Food Café?

We have been sharing out food on St. Maarten in the month of February 2018 as a form of relief after hurricane Irma hit.
During these Free Vegan Food Shares we came across areas where there is a lot of poverty. Where people do not have running water, where being able to provide enough food is a challenge and where big family’s live in houses that are smaller than a regular (Dutch) bedroom.
Trying to even think of health in an environment like that is impossible. Evenso, choosing between going to McDonald’s and getting your kids a Happy Meal for only $ 2,95 or going to the supermarket and getting your kids some broccoli for $ 3,95 doesn’t make it easier.
While we were on the island in February, the dump caught fire badly. For a week it was almost impossible to cross Philipsburg without feeling sick. Schools and government buildings where closed and tourists were told not to leave the cruise ship to go into town. We were teaching at NIA at that time, and our classes were canceled, while those were meant to be a relief for the children!
So with all the waste on fire, the idea rose to cut down on waste, and how to do so. With our passion being food and health, this was the best way to combine everything together. To make a plan where businesses work together, waste gets cut down, people get jobs and free food.

What will we do?

Everyday we will serve plant-based breakfast and lunch at the FFC. The profit will be used to make the free lunches for the people in need.
We will bring free plant-based lunches to areas where it is impossible for people to come to the FFC.
Workshops will be organized to help people to cut down on waste, learn how to live a vegan lifestyle in the Caribbean.
Lectures will be held, keeping in mind the planet, our health and the animals.
The café itself will be a market, where you can buy the furniture, the utensils, the plates your eating from. The lampshade, the painting on the wall, everything is for sale to be re-used. A second-hand store. Help SXM